Bus Information System

Business Outline

What is the Bus Information System (BIS)?

It is a part of ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) to enhance the efficiency and the management by integrating advanced IT technology such as information, computer, electronic control, ect to the existing bus system.

Collecting Bus Information Processing Bus Information Providing Bus Information Connecting Bus Information
· Collect bus service information in real time

·Collect bus service information in real time

· Process collected information
· Process information in the form of information provided.
· Citizen: A real-time bus arrival information
· Operator : Bus service information
· Connect real-time bus information among local governments.
BIS(Bus Information System) Expected Effect
Bus Users
  • Usage rate has increased by providing reliable information
  • Becoming much more convenient by providing real-time wide area bus information service (destination, route and transfer)

Effect of Waiting Time Savings

Bus Driver
  • Reduce the accident by the safe driving of the bus driver
  • Stop the dangerous driving by recognizing bus service information
  • Ensure the punctuality by controlling service interval between buses.

Effect of Travel Time Savings

Local Government
  • Gain accurate data by securing a service information
  • Efficient service management for public transportation and obtaining a tool of supervision and fulfillment.

Effect of Management Cost Savings

Bus Company
  • Provide an efficient management conditions through the real-time bus management and service information record.
  • Improve profitability by fostering infrastructure development of buscompany

Effect of Bus Service Cost Savings