Your Best Value Partner. ELECCOM


Your Best Value Partner

ELECOM CO., LTD. Is with our customers based on the three management principles of quality management, value creation management and human respect management.


Eleccom is a corporation specializing in the ICT information service, which has been developing the simulation for training and the CBT, Intelligent Transport System and management service, and which has also been leading the informatization of the national infrastructure, including the national defense, the transportation, the railroads, etc.


Based on the technologies and the experiences which have been accumulated in over 50 years, it has always been exerting the utmost efforts in order to supply the optimal system that fits the demands of the customers.  And it has been active in the diverse fields, including the modeling & simulation (M&S), the system integration (SI), the IT outsourcing, and, in addition, the solution distribution and the ITS business.


Especially, regarding the shooting simulation system through the 3-dimensional, virtual reality technology, the corporation’s attached research institute has been managed by self-possessing the software and hardware, professional manpower.  And, recently, by receiving the recognition of the technological ability in not only the fields related to the national defense, the National Police Agency, and the bodyguard security service but, also, in the civilian demands market, too, it has been possessing the performance of having delivered a lot in Korea and overseas.  And, in order to be reborn as a world-class corporation, it has been proceeding with the continuous investment and development.


Eleccom Co., Ltd. promises to grow to become the best company that creates the values for the customers with the top technologies on the foundation, which is balanced with the defense business and the civilians’ demands business.  And it will do its utmost in order to make a leap towards a first-class corporation possessing the top quality and the transparency.


ELECCOM CEO jeong hyeon-yeong