ICT Construction Case

Information and Communication Technologes

Construction Case

Designing and Development of the IT solutions

For the single system for the development of the specialized solutions and for the system-integrated establishment, it has been possessing the diverse development results, including the establishment of an intelligent, home test bed, the development of an Android-based management system, the development of a healthcare device and the software using the GPS function, the development of the service apps using the smartphone, etc.

Design and Establish the System-integration

As a system that manages the diverse IT infrastructures like the computer system, the CCTV, the VMS, the parking control, the broadcasting, the videos, the instrument controls, etc. in one platform, it maintains the consistency of the management policies through the centralized management of the IT infrastructure and provides the user convenience and the work efficiency.

Electric power, Information Communication Construction

Eleccom possesses the diverse establishment performances in the wired and wireless communication facilities field, including the communication lines facility construction, the on-the-premise communication facility construction, the satellite communication facility construction, the information control and securities facility construction, the railroad communication and signals facility construction, etc.

Management and Maintenance of the Information System.

Through the efficient management of the servers, networks, electronics, communication, the other incidental equipment, etc. of the government offices, the military units, and the general corporations and for the favorable system operation, the maintenance system with continuous service for 24 hours a day has been operated.