ICT Major Achievements

Information and Communication Technologes

Major Records of Eleccom ICT


  • Manufactured, Purchased and installed centralized supervision control system, Miryang Management Group
  • Installed CCTV in 2017 crime blind spots (Site of the government-supplied material)
  • Replaced time-worn controller at Dogye plaza and other 19 places
  • Purchased and installed stationary statement recording system
  • Installed electronic sign board at 17-Jin-ju road
  • Manufactured, purchased and installed character display board for disaster
  • Installed TV monitor to broadcast races and purchased government-furnished materials
  • Purchased TMS measuring device for the water quality, Yangsan sewage treatment facilities and improved communication project
  • Purchased unmanned camera for the project of setting up a safe communication, 2017
  • Purchased traffic CCTV for UTIS and backup supply in the event of failure on the road sign board


  • Manufactured, purchased and installed automated system at Songyongyang drain facility, Korea Rural Community Corporation
  • Established 16years ICT smart reserve forces training management system, Financial Management Corp.
  • Manufactured, purchased and installed the broadcast of new office building and AV, Jinju Sancheong branch
  • Installed CCTV for security, Tongyeong-si
  • Manufactured, purchased and installed the automated water management system for multi-purpose rural water development project at Jocheon district, Korea Rural Community Corporation
  • Constructed Nubija terminal for public bicycle, Changwon-si
  • Manufactured, purchased and installed centralized supervision and control system, Hagya purification plant,Korea Water Resources Corporation
  • Installed Jinseong public sewage treatment facilities, Jinju-si


  • Managed CCTV and integrated control system in Hamyang-gun
  • Replaced CCTV camera for security in Changwon-si
  • Constructed tEleccommunication system to create rest area for Udo soldiers in the Navy Maintenance Depot, Jinhae
  • Manufactured and Installed IR camera in Air force Logistics Command
  • Manufactured and Installed acoustic sign board at Weightlifting stadium in Goseong-gun
  • Installed LED display board at the main gate of Masan University
  • Purchased and installed video project and smart integrated control system in Labor& Welfare Center, Changwon-si


  • Constructed Gyeongnam BCN, KT ENS
  • Installed broadcasting system, Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangsam-do.
  • Carried out Changwon-si intercommunicating construction work, Gyeongsangsam-do
  • Carried out communicating construction work in the old library, Changwon National University
  • Carried out information and communication construction work for the establishment of Gyeongin Regional Communications Office, Ministry of Knowledge Economy


  • Purchased and installed automated COD measuring device for the water quality TMS in the wastewater management office, Changewon-si
  • Replaced PLC, MCC, Nosan mediation pumping station in fresh water purification center in Samcheonpo
  • Installed multi-function camera in Haman-gun


  • Established project of information and communication equipment in Apartment 1, Seocho area 2nd zone, Korea Land and Housing Corporation
  • Established management system for Adroid-based security in Hadong-gun, Gyeongsangsam-do
  • Installed terminal in POSTEC Co., Ltd
  • Purchased and installed automated TMS measuring equipment for the water quality in wastewater sewage treatment plant, Yaro Agricultural Industrial Complex, Hapcheon-gun
  • Constructed communication system on the premises, Dongin System Com., Ltd.


  • Improved performance of information and communication system in Happo-gu, Masan-si
  • Managed and repaired administrative computer system, Changwon-si
  • Managed and repaired information and communication network, Changwon-si
  • Established a network system in the Silicon Valley Tech campus
  • Established management system for Adroid-based security in Hadong-gun, Gyeongsangsam-do
  • Constructed the S/S sense detection equipment, Changnyeong-gun, Korea Electric Power Corporation
  • Newly constructed tEleccommunication facilities at Masan station, Busan new port hinter railways and Gyeongjeon Line, and other 9 places.
  • Installed CCTV in the children protection zone in Changwon-si


  • Managed and repaired firefighting integrated services system, Gyeongsangsam-do
  • Manufactured and installed electric sign board in conference room in the new building of Yangsan police station
  • Established broadcasting system at the Standing Commissioners Committee, Changwon City Council
  • Supplied the thermal imaging camera to the naval logistics command
  • Manufactured and installed integrated surveillance system for small scale sewage treatment facility, Sacheon-si
  • Carried out the shifting construction for automated voice broadcast system at the Seoungok parking lot, Masan-si
  • Newly constructed/relocated CCTV for surveillance outside in the water purification plant and water intake station in Masan-si


  • Established information and communication equipment, Apartment 5, Soha-dong, Gwangmyeong-si,Korea Land and Housing Corporation
  • Purchased and installed equipment of remote education system, Korean Army Finance& Accounting Corps
  • Established CCTVs for security in the crime-prone area, Yangsan-si
  • Carried out communication construction at Seoseong nursery school


  • Purchased and installed internet broadcasting system, Tongyeong-si
  • Established CCTVs for security around schools, Yangsan-si
  • Supplemented construction for the wireless communication device in Nakdonggang river, Gyeongjeon Line and other 4 places, Korea Railroad Corp. Busan branch
  • Newly constructed Education and Culture Center, Gyeongsang National University
  • Newly constructed information and communication in Happo-dong Office, Masan-si
  • Installed scientification boundary system, Navy Central Finance &Accounting Corps
  • Carried out communication construction in Club house, Navy Central Finance &Accounting Corps