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ELECCOM Co., Ltd. is a specialized company in ICT, LBS, and M&S (Modeling and Simulation) and will be a best business partner for its clients.

Company Name Eleccom co,. Ltd
Established Year 1964
CEO Jeong hyeon-yeong
Capital 600 million
number of employees 40 people
Head office location 5F 177 Standard Factory Unit 1, Hoewon-gu Free Trade Road, Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do
Subsidiary company Seoul Argon-gu Digital Road 53 E & S Venture Dream Tower 5th April 409
Business Areas System integration design construction and maintenance, solution consulting and design
CT Sector (Information and Communication Corporation, CCTV, VMS)
Bus Information System (BIS), Location Based Service (LBS)
M&S (Modeling & Simulation) : 3Dcontent, Virtual Shooting Simulation

ELECCOM Co., Ltd. will make a company that wants to work in the field of technology-oriented technology and service with quality management, value creation management and human respect management.

Quality management
  • Strengthen its core capabilities and gain competitive advantages based on knowledge management.
  • Improve the management quality by making reasonable decision between members and processors.
  • Aim for innovative, challenging and speedy management with the spirit of entrepreneurship.
Value creation management
  • Pursue company’s sustainable development with the best products and services.
  • Toward the creative management for customer value with top priority to the customers.
  • Protect shareholder’s equity interests by making the most of company value.
Human respect management
  • Mutual respect individual’s talent and capability and contribute to the company with honesty and sincerity.
  • Entrust authority and responsibility by making the most of creativity and capability.
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