M&S Major Achievements

Modeling & Simulation

Major Achievements


  • 2017 LINC+ Project/ Built the practical room(shooting range) of department of police administration, Gangdong University
  • Purchased and installed laser and screen shooting equipment. (Changwon Shooting Range)


  • Purchased additionally equipment of the image simulation shooting range, reserve forces drill, Cheongan, Korea
  • Purchased and installed screen shooting system in the Nakdong river, Daegu, Korea
  • Introduced simulated shooting training equipment (22types such as K2, etc)
  • Purchased and installed screen shooting simulator at Jeonju Kijeon College, Korea


  • Manufactured and established the simulated shooting system (Army training camp) at Youth experience center, 2015 Korea Job World
  • Established shooting simulation at military culture experience center, Job World, Daejeon Youth we can center, Korea
  • Replaced simulated shooting training equipment of Navy


  • Purchased and installed the simulated shooting training equipment for 101 security group
  • Supplied screen shooting system to the department of noncommissioned officer, Dongju College, Busan, Korea
  • Government-supplied material for Yooseong police station building(Installed shooting equipment)
  • Experimental exhibition at Nakdonggang Peace Memorial Hall (Shooting simulation)
  • Installed the integrated simulation at National University of Turkmenistan (Develop guns of warship simulator)


  • Set up a simulation for shooting training, Gwangju District Prosecutor’s Office
  • Buildup a shooting simulation for reserve forces training, Army financial management group
  • Buildup a shooting simulation for police training, Vietnam public peace and order.(Exported nation’s first shooting simulation system)
  • R&D project for the training aids on electronic magazine of multiple integrated laser engagement simulation(MILES)
  • Supplied shooting simulation system, Historic park of Geoje P.O.W Camp
  • Supplied shooting simulation system, Daegu Gym experience center, Daegu Metropolitan City
  • R&D project for shooting simulation using HMD, Ministry of Knowledge Economy
  • R&D project for wire-wireless simulated shooting system using target sensor, Small and Medium Business Administration
  • Set up a shooting simulation for training at the Department of Police Security
    • Department of Police Security, Busan Institute of Science and Technology
    • Department of Police Security, Gyeongsan National University, Busan, Korea
    • Department of Police Security, Dong-Eui University, Busan, Korea
  • Maintenance project for Submarine training equipment ( SCTT : Submarine Command Team Trainers), Navy
  • Maintenance project for tactics development equipment (ASTT : Action Speed Tactical Trainer), Navy
  • Development project for tangible hardware 3D Small Unit Tactical Training System