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Video shooting system for military training

The military training video shooting system converts the M16 room firearm into a simulator gun to provide a similar training effect to the actual fire training. Recently, it has been delivered to the reservoir training area to carry out simultaneous shooting training with 10 people.

Police video shooting system

The video shooting system for police shooting training is a 38-gauge gun gun that is converted into a simulator gun to provide a similar training effect to the actual gun training. Recently, it has been delivered to the Gyeonggi Provincial Police Agency and the Gwangju Provincial Police Agency to conduct video shooting training.

Video shootings for entertainment

Youth Shooting Experience Pavilion, and Relic Shooting Experience Pavilion were delivered to the public so that they could experience the shooting experience. We have provided high-quality 3D content for more vivid effects.

Simulation of guns

It combines 3D content with a manual gun launch device for training the warship of a warship, and provides the same training effect as actual practice.

Anti-aircraft missile simulation

It provides practical training environment with anti-aircraft missile hardware and HMD image system to train with the same procedure as actual equipment.

3D contents exhibition
  • Changwon Science Experience Exhibition : We hosted 3D contents and video shoot exhibition on emotional robots for 3 months at Changwon Science Experience Hall.
  • National Gwangju Science Museum, ROBOT STORY Experiencing Exhibition : Gwangju Science Museum consulted 3D visual contents exhibition on emotional robots. By combining motion recognition technology, we provided a variety of experience contents.
  • BEXCO, ROBOT STORY exhibition held : The emotional robots story was presented at a grand scale in BEXCO, Busan, which provides a harmonious blend of the warm sensibility of wood robot and the exciting experience of high-tech contents.