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Indoor screen sports are highly popular these days as they can be enjoyed regardless of weather conditions and evolving into various kinds. The traditional screen shooting was too simple and tedius and could not keep the customers interested for a long time. It has failed to settle as a popular leisure activity. TARGETZONE is completely different from the simple screen shooting for anyone to enjoy shooting as a kind of realistic indoor leisure sport.


TARGETZONE is an all-new screen shooting brand that offers top-class virtual reality for entertainment and game-play businesses and includes TARGETZONEⓇ (Original – Shotguns) for rooms with large screens, TARGETZONEⒸ (Classic – K2 Rifles/Shotguns/Glock Guns) in individual booth for Shop-in-Shop, and TARGETZONEⒶ (Air – Air Rifles/Air Pistols) that is just like the real shooting games.

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