BIS Solution

Bus Information System


Establish the Bus Information System (BIS) Center. (H/W, N/W, S/W)

The Bus Information System Control Center is organized with the server, the network, the briefing board system, and the operating software. And it has been designed and established to provide the reliable, real-time public transportation information to the citizens and the drivers, etc.

Design and Production of the Bus Information Terminal (BIT)

BIT (Bus Information Terminal) is designed and manufactured to provide public transport information (bus arrival information, public relations for municipal government, news and weather, etc).

Design and Production of the On-Board Equipment (OBE).

By being installed in the city bus, OBE (On-Board Equipment) collects the real-time, running information by using the wireless communication network.  And it is designed and produced as an information collection device for providing the high-quality bus information through the securing of the punctuality, together with the provision of the information on the cars in the front and at the back to the drivers.