M&S Technique Element

Modeling & Simulation

Technical Factor

Contents Manufacturing Technology

We develop and provide high quality 3D contents (background, Character, animation, ect).

We guarantee the quality satisfaction with 3D contents team for military training and entertainment contents team.

Background Development

Character Development

Animation Development

3D Image Shots and Image Processing Technology

Training effects will be maximized through the real-time trajectory tracking of a gun and trace analysis by applying algorithms that can handle the point of impact at the speed, more than 60Frame/sec

Shooting Training Program applied Trajectory flight characteristic curve algorithm

Simulation gun making technology
  • Realistic Weapon : We analyze and design the actual firearm specifications, and we provide excellent fire effect by attaching our patented reaction force generating device.
  • Real Weapon Remodeling : A real firearm is converted into a simulated gun using laser and recoil to provide the same effect as a fire drill.
  • Design technology : Mock gun design technology of same specification (weight, size, material, etc.)
  • Production technology : Modular processing using designed 3D data
  • Wired/wireless firearms : Supports both wired and wireless (pneumatic, gas type) according to the data communication method of the simulator gun and governor.
  • Reaction force : Our patented reaction force generating device is inserted into a real or simulated gun, and pneumatic or gas provides the reaction force most similar to a real gun.
Armed training simulation production technology

We have hardware(H/W) and software (S/W) technology to analyze the actual weapon specifications and simulate with the same functions.

3D Game Development

We have excellent 3D game development capabilities such as shooting Record shooting, clay shooting and various shooting related game development ability and virtual reality experience game using 3D content development capability and image processing technology.